”Vanity Fair” cover of Hollywood Issue, January 2018
-fittings and alterations with Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Reese Witherspoon, Harrison Ford, Gal Gadot, etc
-Ermenegildo Zegna, 2017, 2018
-tailored garments for catalog, events, and advertisements including Mark Hamill, Javier Bardem, Pedro Pascal, etc.
-”Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City” performance by Katy Perry - April 2017
-created costumes for the dancers and performers
-”2 Broke Girls” Warner Brothers television show- Season 5, 6
-Local 705 Tailor/Cutter Fitter
-”Officer Downe” feature film, directed by Shawn Crahan - 2015
-tailor/cutter fitter - custom printed fabric, custom made suits and dresses for characters
-“The Voice: On Tour” NBC Universal television show
-tailor to show contestants and band members: fittings, alterations
-Debbie Reynolds Collection Auction, Beverly Hills, 2014, 2011 textiles conservation
-costume and textiles supervisor: display and styling of iconic historical Hollywood film costumes
-People’s Choice Awards live show, 2012
-Special effects tailoring for Neil Patrick Harris and Vegas showgirl costumes
-Toyota Prius “People Person” commercial, 2011
-onset tailor, dyed clothing to match, stitched acrobats into outfits
-“Wicked” Pantages Theater, Hollywood, Winter 2011
-principal costume repairs, alterations, creating replacement pieces


-"Midnight" music video by Coldplay - stylist
-directed by Mary Wigmore, produced by Arts and Sciences, 2014
-Nike Skateboards commercial- stylist
-starring Sean Malto and Shane O’Neill, directed by Jonathan Notaro, 2014
-Persol Sunglasses commercial, directed by Marc Horowitz, 2012
-Created full body faux fur dance costumes for 4 performers
-Neil Gaiman’s ”Neverwhere” Theatrical Production, Sacred Fools Theater, LA, March 2013
-Created costumes for 40 fantasy/scifi/grunge characters: design, construct, distress
-“Forbidden Zone: Live in the 6th Dimension” theatrical production, Sacred Fools Theater, LA, 2010
-costume assistant: constructed, fit and altered pieces for principal characters
-“Carolina Days” Megafaun music video, featured on “Pitchfork Top 5”, 2011
-Created costumes for 10 “biblical” characters
-“Red Moon” short film, 2010 - nominated for best short: Hollyshorts, ATL Film Fest, St. Louis Film Fest
-Created costumes for 20 Soviet submarine soldier characters
-Cinema and Spice, Internet, LA, 2012-present -
-Created superhero and film-inspired costumes for the cooking series
-“Silky Eyes” Puro Instinct music video sponsored by Flaunt Magazine, Diesel Clothes, 2011
-styled wardrobe and created costumes for 10 fantasy/romantic/jungle characters



-“Oscars” broadcast Red Carpet presentation - 2013
-created custom heat and light safe cover for original Ruby Slippers and other museum pieces
-Whitney Museum Biennial, NYC - Bucksbaum Award Winner, Spring 2012
-created dance costumes for 4 performers in Sarah Michelson’s “Devotion Study #1”
-“Ulalia” fashion collection, Donald Ahsue designer, LA, 2009-2013
-design consultant, fittings, alterations, pattern and sample making


-GeoDecoLA - coDesigner - 2015-present
-ladieswear, dresses
-Brooks Brothers Fashion photoshoots, 2012-Present
-tailor for the fashion models: super quick fittings and alterations
-NBA games, LA, 2012-14
-Backstage, with Sound Dept, installed mic pouches in the players’ jerseys
-DisneyWonder Cruise, Mexico, Spring 2011
-tailor for character costumes: alterations, repairs
-Disneyland, Anaheim, Summer 2011
-“SoundSational” Parade: costume fittings, alterations
-Disneyland, Anaheim, Summer 2010
-“GloFest” costume manager: construction and maintenance for 30 dancers in neon spandex and fur
-Theatrical Wardrobe Local 768, 2011-2015
-Alterations, Dresser - LA Opera, Pantages Theater, Mark Taper Forum
-Junker Designs, 2012
constructed custom stage outfits for Motley Crue, Steven Tyler, and other such rabble rousers


-Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. Bachelor of Art, Fashion Design - class of 2008
-Best in Show: Fashion Collection, Best in Show: Design Portfolio
-Penland School of Crafts, North Carolina 2012
-Textile Arts: double weave
-Andreas Moeller, Hamburg, Germany,, 2012-present
-Textile Arts: loom construction, weaving
-Oxxford Clothiers, Chicago, 2007-2008
-Patternmaker, apprentice Tailor